In the same vein as 33RPM Jolene, ever won­der what the orig­i­nal Alvin and The Chip­munks songs sound­ed like before being sped up? Click­bait: the result will sur­prise you.

On a nar­ra­tive lev­el The Shaw­shank Redemp­tion is a movie about the pow­er of hope in the face of extra­or­di­nary hard­ship. But under­pin­ning Andy Dufresne’s sto­ry we also find a blis­ter­ing cri­tique of the prison sys­tem and crim­i­nal jus­tice pol­i­cy in the Unit­ed States. 

What hap­pens when you mix Swedish pop music, Japan­ese visu­al kei cul­ture, and prob­a­bly a few too many Anne Rice nov­els? This — total­ly this.